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The guild is open to anyone interested in the art of quilt making. Our members represent broad interests in different types of quilt making and offer a vast array of talents and skill levels. Whether you have yet to make your first quilt, or you are an accomplished award-winning expert, you are welcome to join.  Yearly dues are $20.00.


The first meeting of the Santa Rosa Quilters’ Guild took place October 10, 2002.  The meeting was presided over by Barbara Warriner. Those in attendance at this first meeting were Barbara Warriner, Anita Heady, Simone Pelley, Ann Root, Verona Ellis, Betty Brooks, and Joyce Karlson.

One of the sentiments, as expressed in an early copy of the Guild’s minutes was, “Keep it Simple.” Charter members and others that followed have had the desire to keep the Guild friendly and accessible to all who have an interest in any aspect of quilts or quilting. 

The founding and current members have expressed a desire for the guild to be a loosely formed gathering with a sense of togetherness and camaraderie. From the early days of the Guild, there has always been a commitment to sharing, from the teaching of quilting techniques to the gifts of quilts to charities.

Community Involvement

With our commitment to Share,
guild members donate their time and expertise to create quilts for community charitable organizations.


To further our commitment to Create and Educate the monthly programs offer learning and inspiring opportunities to help members improve their quilting skills.  Many of the programs are taught by local area instructors and our own members.

Board/Committee Members -- 2014  

Executive Board Members (Elected Positions)
 President  Pat Clark 
 Vice President  Melanie Jones
 Secretary  Nelda Seevers  neldaseever@mchsi.com
 Treasurer  Sarah Wisenewski  sartom@mchsi.com 

Committee Chairs (Appointed Positions)
 Community Projects  Debbie Crawford
 Door Prizes  Sharon Thiel   Tonic_F15@bellsouth.net
 Guild Challenge  Sharon Thiel  Tonic_F15@bellsouth.net  
   Mary Ellen Larson  johnmelarson@hotmail.com  
 Historian  Judith Beque  jsbegue@aol.com  
 Hospitality  Lynn Leach  lfleach@gmail.com 
   Sue Foust  norwaysue@bellsouth.net  
 Membership    Tami Parker  readingorquilting@yahoo.com  
 Explore Modern Quilting Interest Group  Becky Biddle  beckybiddle@gmail.com
 Newsletter  Tami Parker  readingorquilting@yahoo.com  
   Sarah Wisenewski  sartom@mchsi.com  
 Publicity      OPEN            
 Quilts of Valor Interest Group  Agnes Adkison  audag@bellsouth.net  
   Sharlene Adkison  shaneadkison@bellsouth.net  
 Website  Patricia Fandt  fififlorida@yahoo.com 
   Joanne Gamble  gamble2004@bellsouth.net 
 Workshops  Claire Teixeira  Claireteixeira21@gmail.com 


To view a copy of our By-Laws, click here

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